Merlin and Me_002-1The Dog and his Artist

I never wanted to be anything but an artist.  I can’t remember a time when I didn’t paint.  I’ve painted my way, in stolen hours, through a working lifetime of “day” jobs but now I ‘m free, I live in the part of the country I love best and I’m in my garden studio any chance I get.  If I’m not painting I’m thinking about making pictures – my head is full of paintings waiting to happen……

Suffolk is a great place to be a painter – or a dog.  Merlin is our lurcher.  I’m sure he is inspired by the wonderful place we live but in a different way.  Walks are great but running is better.  As far as he’s concerned hares are for chasing, not painting…….

Mixed Media Work

I am a “mixed media” artist.  I always think that sounds a bit  pretentious but,  in my case , it means I use all sorts of materials combined with paint and ink.    I hoard materials – magazine and newspaper clippings, hand made papers, old books, print – anything which can be transformed with paint and acrylic  gels.  I like the surprise element because you can never be sure how collaged  paper will react with acrylic paint and inks.  My pictures involve many hours of work spent cutting, tearing and sticking before and during painting.  The paintings are about texture – you really need to look closely – and feel – to appreciate  what I mean.

Sometimes I paint “straight” acrylics (particularly for animal portraits) – with brushes and painting knives.  I also use pastels, acrylics mixed with pastels and, occasionally watercolours.

DSC_0035About the paintings….

The Suffolk coast and countryside is my inspiration but my commissions have featured markets,  chickens,  a pub ….all with a slightly quirky angle…and Merlin often gets included somewhere – almost out of sight.   One commission has tended to lead to another and I have been asked to “personalise” pictures – the places are recogniseable but I don’t suppose Daleks often queue at the fish stall in Framlingham Market!

Take a look at my galleries.  I hope you’ll see something you like.  Please email or telephone me if you want to enquire about the availability, price or anything else about my work.


I’m alway happy to talk about possible commissions.  Just email me or give me a call.  I like to agree a price before starting work but, if you don’t like the completed painting you will not be obliged to buy

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